Sunday, 5 June 2011

New Vision

for all of you that hasn't notice yet, this is my new blog. deleted the previous one which i signed in from 2008 but only have 4 posts. i made a new one coz i'm in a new quest*drum rolls* to be an active blogger. i'm determined this time since i have a DSLR now, i could share pictures, videos and stuff. i don't really know how to blog, like seriously i have tonnes of post that haven't been published yet. i have insecurities about my post.

if you can see, there's an advert here, here and there. what you should do is CLICK IT, well, if you find it informative. i'm trying to monetize my blog as well to get some extra cash, to fund my interest(read:buy new lenses). so i would appreciate it if you guys can just move your cursor over it an click it. maybe you'll find it interesting or win some contest. who knows right?

i've also joined ChurChurp. i still don't understand how they work exactly but i know u can make money out of it too. so if u guys feel disturbed by my ad-tweets or posts in twitter or facebook, don't hate me. i'm just trying to make a living too. i hope it will really work out this time coz i always dreamt about myself being independent. not asking for weekly allowance and all. i tell you im a like a cash deposit in the family.

btw, my English isn't not that good, do expect some grammatical or vocab errors. i hope u enjoy reading my blog though and may it be helpful to u in any way. bon voyage!{d}


  1. yazid, nak upkan traffic, gi la promote blog kat group blogger kat fb