Saturday, 18 November 2017

Entry #1 - A New Beginning For The nth Time

Assalamu'alaikum and hi everyone(whoever's gonna read this blog). I've had this blog for quite some time now. From my first post it's has been almost 6 years. But i guess it's more than that because i think i posted something before that and i might have deleted that post. I've made a several attempts to 'clear the dust' and try to revive the blog. In all attempts, unfortunately, i would do it half way. It's just that when i'm too bored or suddenly i have an idea on what to write, i'll revisit my blog.

But i've had a hard time keeping up with my blog. I always had the idea but i find it hard to put it in words. I'll figure out a cool heading and start writing then i'll start having doubts. Would people like it? Would people agree or argue with my ideas? Is my writing good? Is my English okay? Is there any grammatical error? Is my vocabulary bombastic? I wanted it to be good. To have the quality of an experienced blogger. Yet it's just not gonna happen as i'm not an experienced blogger. At the end of the day i'll just give up because i tend to rewrite the whole thing but still, i wasn't satisfied and could not finish; let alone publish my post.

So i've reverted my previous posts to draft. To save myself from humiliation(gosh what was i thinking back then. I guess we all feel the same with our old self) And i hope this new beginning for the nth time will be the one. If not, next time i would have to post a new beginning for the nth time after the nth time failed. So please pray that i have the will and power to start blogging again. To have  the perseverance to defy any insecurities and to just blog and express myself. As i had longed to be heard, to express my feelings; albeit no one's gonna read my blog. In a sense, it gives me a pleasure to put my thoughts into words. To turn something abstract into physical form. In other words, to 'see' what's in my head. I think that's what most author yearned for. More than getting readers to read their books.

By the way, i'm just wondering, it's 2017. Does anyone still read or write blogs? Frankly, i myself don't read blogs(the irony) and rom what i see blogs in this era are replaced by Instagram, Twitter etc. Even most of the famous bloggers are now reverting from blogger. Oh what the heck.